• darkblurbg
    XGMA Smartphone
    The ultimate smartphone-based benchmark solution
    for all mobile networks.
  • darkblurbg
    QoS measurement at a touch
    on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Autonomous Smartphone
    Smartphone-based autonomous measurement.
    Including speech-server functionality.
  • Real App-based
    QoS and Testing
    Focus Infocom's new SmartAppManager (SAM)
    defines a new dimension in network testing.

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Mobile Benchmarking

XGMA Smartphone Backpack smartphone-based benchmark measurement system

Focus Infocom's mobile benchmarking portfolio includes solutions for different mobile platforms (Android™ and iOS™). These solutions are available in many different form factors and for all RF technologies.


Mobile Post Processing

Mobile Post Processing

All Focus Infocom's mobile solutions transfer measurement data directly to a central server, from where it is ready to be integrated into a fully automated post processing tool chain that allows troubleshooting, analysis, geografical visualization and reporting.

FIMAS Post Processing

Smartphone Autonomous

Smartphone-based autonomous measurement systems

Smartphone-based mobile measurement the autonomous way allows you to automatically monitor your network on a 24/7 level, including near real time analysis and reporting.

ACT Dual

Out of the Box

Focus Infocom's Android™ benchmarking and handheld solutions - XGMA Smartphone and MPSM-a - work right out of the box with commercial smartphones. For QoS benchmarking and handheld visualization, you are no longer limited to a few basic devices.

App-based QoS

Focus Infocom's innovative Smart App Manager technology (SAM) redefines customer perspective and opens up a new world of service tests in mobile network measurement. See how your custumers experience your network by testing with popular apps like WhatsApp™, Skype® or Spotify™, fully automated and script-controlled.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speech Quality

Focus Infocom's mobile Android based benchmarking and handheld solutions do not only support data but also telephony and voice quality service tests based on PESQ and POLQA standards.


Rental Service

Do you need to solve short-term measurement needs? Are you planning a special project? Do you want to test a system before you buy?

Then renting your equipment might be the ideal solution.

All Focus Infocom test & measurement systems are available for rent. Read more...